Ryan Gosling Workout

Ryan Gosling has gone from the little boy we saw in Remember The Titans to the super star heart throb we all fell in love with in The Notebook and then again in Crazy, Stupid, Love.  Ladies, I know you all want your man to have that body and men I know you all want to have that body.  Here is a great way to start the new year.  Try the workout Ryan used to get in shape for his role in Crazy, Stupid, Love.   Day 1 – Chest, Arms Incline Dumbbell Fly’s: 3 sets of 8 reps Weighted […]

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Angelina Jolie Starts Her Day With Coconut Oil

Angelina Jolie has recently been photographed looking less than healthy.  She is beginning to look painfully thin, especially her arms in these photos.  “Her weight is said to hover around the 97lb mark-underweight for her 5 foot 8 inch height.”  Sources are also saying that Angelina Jolie starts her day with a “little more than a spoonful of coconut oil.” – Is Angelina Jolie surviving on just 600 calories per day?, Mail Online, November 23, 2011 We are thrilled that Angelina Jolie has discovered the amazing benefits that coconut oil can provide, but please remember that coconut oil should be […]

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Gisele Bundchen’s Vegan Birthday Cake

In the December 2011 issue of British Vogue, supermodel Gisele Bundchen talked about her family, diet, and how she splurges when she has a craving for the sweet stuff.  This year for her son’s birthday she whipped up a homemade vegan cake that everyone would enjoy.  She described how she made the cake and her exact quote was: “cocoa powder and coconut oil and, you know, those dried things — what are they called? That’s it! Dates — and I put them all in the processor, and whoosh! Delicious!” Since Gisele couldn’t quite remember all of the ingredients I started […]

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