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Carrie Underwood Sings Coconut Oil’s Praises

If you’ve opened a magazine lately, you’ve probably seen Carrie Underwood somewhere. The country crooner was most recently on the cover of Women’s Health talking about her “practical vegan” diet and, what we were most excited about, coconut oil! I am what I was recently told is a flexitarian, meaning about 80 percent of your diet is vegetarian and the other 20 is filled with lean meats and/or fish. So I can appreciate Carrie’s practical views on her diet, especially when she’s traveling. “I am a vegan but I consider myself to be a practical vegan. If I order something […]

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Top 5 New Celebrity Coconut Oil Users

Celebrities and athletes are always in the know about the best health and fitness secrets. We divulged our Top Ten Celebrity Coconut Oil Users last year, but since then more celebrities have shared their uses for coconut oil!Here are our top 5 new celebrity coconut oil users:5. Yoon Mi-rae – Mi-rae, famous South Korean hip-hop singer, uses coconut oil on her body to retain natural moisture. The coconut oil, she explained, “is also full of vitamins and minerals that help with troubled or blemished skin.”4. Jennifer Aniston – The famous actress has  been spotted with a shopping cart full of […]

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Emma Stone Suggests Coconut Oil

Emma Stone recently shared some of her favorite “thrifty beauty secrets”.  Emma suggested: “I’m all for a bit of DIY beauty. My gran used to put coconut oil on my hair when I was younger making it thick and shiny, so that’s one that works.” – Danielle Lineker, Mirror   Emma Stone starred in the Oscar nominated film, The Help.  The Help is nominated for Best Actress in a leading role, Best Actress in a supporting role, and Best Picture.  Tune in to the Academy Awards tonight to see if Emma and her cast take home the awards. Emma stone […]