Top 5 New Celebrity Coconut Oil Users

Celebrities and athletes are always in the know about the best health and fitness secrets. We divulged our Top Ten Celebrity Coconut Oil Users last year, but since then more celebrities have shared their uses for coconut oil!Here are our top 5 new celebrity coconut oil users:5. Yoon Mi-rae – Mi-rae, famous South Korean hip-hop singer, uses coconut oil on her body to retain natural moisture. The coconut oil, she explained, “is also full of vitamins and minerals that help with troubled or blemished skin.”4. Jennifer Aniston – The famous actress has  been spotted with a shopping cart full of […]

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Top Chef Master, Marcus Samuelsson Recommends Coconut Oil

Marcus Samuelsson of Top Chef Masters season 2 is “celebrating the return of coconut oil.”  Just by taking one look at Marcus Samuelsson’s blog anyone can tell that he is a huge advocate of coconut oil.  If you are not familiar with Marcus Samuelsson check out his bio above to learn about this renowned chef.  Not only has he won multiple James Beard Awards, but he has also been named 40 under 40 and was named one of The Great Chefs of America among many other awards. Marcus describes coconut oil as “a great alternative to dairy and animal fats, […]

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Lauren Conrad Suggests Coconut Oil to Tame Curls

  Do you have problems taming your wild curls?  Lauren Conrad of The Hills recently spoke on how coconut oil benefits your hair as a moisturizer that can tame kinky curls.  The coconut oil works great to minimize frizz and moisturize your hair, even if you don’t have curly hair!     Read the full article here!   Lauren isn’t the only celebrity who loves coconut oil. Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr uses it everyday!   -JR

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