Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp with Ginger Meringue

Matzo, not the most appetizing of foods, but traditional Jewish foods really aren’t all that.  This I know, there is only so much potato kugel and gefilte fish they could serve me when I was a kid before I was on to it.  The one thing I do still love are coconut macaroons, I have to restrain myself when they come back on the shelves this time of year because I can eat a whole tin! Kelapo Coconut Oil happens to be a perfect compliment to Passover foods because it can be used in place of butter when making a […]

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Chef Alyssa’s Raw Cacao-Coconut Truffles

We are so excited to have Charlotte, North Carolina’s own Chef Alyssa join our blog for the next six months. Her recipes are centered around natural, organic ingredients to create lively and delicious dishes everyone can enjoy. We hope you love her recipes as much as we do. Rumor has it Joel Harper, Dr. Oz‘s personal trainer, loved these at the NC Fitness Expo! One thing I love and crave is chocolate…and I don’t just crave it once in a while, it’s almost everyday. Don’t we all have that sweet tooth vise? These truffles blend the anti-oxidant boosting raw cacao […]

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White Sweet Potato and Carrot Samosas

We are excited to have Chef Alyssa Gorelick joining our blog for the next six months. The Charlotte-based chef focuses on healthy and sustainable cooking – whether it’s in a restaurant or her own cooking classes. Here’s a taste of what’s to be hitting the blog for the next few months. I created this version of a samosa quite recently. I was catering a party for a very special group of friends and needed a hearty vegan appetizer. So, as I sat around the farmers market planning my menu, I couldn’t resist buying up all of the huge white sweet […]

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