coconut oil and morning sickness

Why Consume Coconut Oil During Pregnancy?

Staying active and getting the proper nutrition is so important during pregnancy. With food aversions, pregnancy cravings, and the dreadful non-stop tiredness, I know it’s hard, but so worth it for both you and your baby.Now that I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant, I’m especially focusing on incorporating healthy fats such as coconut oil and omega-3 rich foods into my daily diet, along with lean proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.There are so many benefits of consuming coconut oil during pregnancy and I highly recommend anyone to start during their first trimester. Here’s why –Natural Energy – Coconut oil has helped tremendously […]

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Benefits of Using Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

With being pregnant the second time around, my husband and I have decided to do things a bit differently this time. Instead of having a hospital birth, we will be having this little one at a birthing center, similiar to the experience of what a home birth would be like. We have also decided not to find out the gender of baby # 2 until they bless us with their presence. I also want to try to be a bit more health conscious of my body this time around, not that I ate terribly with my son but there were some […]

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