coconut oil and workouts

Top 5 Ways to Get Back on Track after the Holidays

With the holiday season at an end and the New Year in place, it’s now time to focus on our 2013 fitness goals! Personally, getting back on track after the holidays is the hardest part for me. It’s now time to buckle down and put my mind to accomplishing my New Year’s resolution. Here’s 5 ways that I’ll be using to achieve this: Incorporate Kelapo Coconut Oil into your daily diet: Using coconut oil as a replacement for butter/oil will allow you to intake healthy fats and increase metabolism. The medium-chain fatty acids are easily absorbed into the body, which […]

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New Year, New You: Lower Body Workout

Today I’ve posted a circuit workout that targets the lower body. I absolutely love circuit workouts because they go by super quick and can be done anywhere. Make sure to start off by stretching your body for at least 5 minutes before this circuit is performed. Lower Body Circuit: Circuit 1: Jump Rope (1 minute) Circuit 2: Walking Lunges (25) Circuit 3: Calf Raises (25) Circuit 4: Mountain Climbers (15) Circuit 5: Sumo Squats (15) Rest for 1 minute after all 5 circuits are complete. Repeat these 5 exercises as many times are you are able to! What’s your New […]

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Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil and Working Out

Being that I’m at gym fanatic, I’m always looking for new ways to improve my workouts! On a mission to better my body, I put together the top 5 ways that coconut oil can help you pre and post workout. Let’s take a look at what I found: For a hearty morning breakfast, try adding coconut oil into your oatmeal to jumpstart your metabolism in the beginning of the day and suppress hunger until your next meal. Try having coconut oil pre-workout to help increase energy and enhance endurance in the gym. Your body uses the medium chain triglycerides in […]