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Heart Healthy Oils

When asked about a vegetarian source for the cholesterol and heart healthy benefits of fish oil, Pharmacist Suzy Cohen laid out her favorites. Guess which one made here list? That’s right, coconut oil! And in honor of Heart Health Month, we’re giving you the entire list of her favorite oils to use as part of your own healthy diet. Coconut oil: Suzy loves how versatile this oil is – from cooking to beauty, really the uses are endless. Her favorite way to use it is in her smoothies. “Coconut oil helps my brain, it’s known to support brain health,” Suzy […]

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Relax That Messy Beard

Alright guys let’s talk about facial hair. I know growing out a beard can be hard; some spots grow in faster than others do, it can start to look scraggly and unkempt, and then there is that unbearable itch! For any ladies reading this I know that sometimes your man’s beard can look messy and the rough hair can irritate and itch at your skin as well. I am sure you already know where I am going with this, but coconut oil can help. As the proud owner of a beard myself, I was seriously annoyed with how messy my […]