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Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

One of the main worries throughout my pregnancy has been the possibility of getting stretch marks. I know that this is something that comes with carrying a baby, but I have also been determined to lessen the chance as much as possible. According to WebMD, stretch marks occur when your body grows faster than your skin can keep up with, causing the elastic fibers under the surface of the skin to break.This can of course vary among women and the amount of weight that is gained and how quickly weight is put on during pregnancy. I have tried to keep […]

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Coconut Oil: A Mother Knows Best

It’s official, not only do we have the best fans – we have the cutest fans! Sweet little Madeline has been using extra virgin coconut oil since the day she was born! Her mother, Jackie, has used it to help fight cradle cap and boost her own energy. Jackie was kind enough to invite her in her home in Florida to talk about the dozens of uses she and baby Maddie have for the tropical oil. Cradle Cap – Not having children of my own yet, this was uncharted territory. Turns out, it’s like a baby dandruff that can SPREAD! […]

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Benefits of a Home Birth

If there is one thing that I am extremely passionate about it is natural child birth. I’m a pretty quiet person but if you start talking about child birth I will definitely express my opinion, just ask all of the others in the office! I cannot fathom the idea of going your whole pregnancy with doctors telling you not to take any medications and then you get to the hospital to deliver your child and they want to give you all of these medications when your child is about to enter the world! My biggest issue with hospitals is the […]

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