coconut oil cleaning

How to Clean your Paintbrush

If you follow our blog you’d know that I wrote yesterday about how to create a unique themed dessert for a birthday party. My suggestion was to have a painting themed birthday party because it allows kids to express their creativity. Most parents know that hosting a birthday party can be stressful, overwhelming and messy, especially if it involves paint. My tip for hosting this kind of a party would be to ensure that you put old sheets or old tablecloths wherever the painting will take place. Now after all parties there includes the clean-up process, this is the part […]


How To: Clean your Shower with Coconut Oil

There are so many products out there for cleaning, where do you even begin? One smells like limes while the other lemons but they all have one thing in common, harmful chemicals! Now, since having a child I like to keep the “chemically cleaners” to a bare minimum, so I love using natural things for cleaning. I’ve found that vinegar works well for cleaning many different surfaces and I have just recently discovered that coconut oil is a great cleaner as well! So you may be wondering “how can coconut oil clean my shower?”, well coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties […]


Crayon Clean-Up

Children and coloring go together like peanut butter and jelly! All kids love to color and for some reason they think that walls are giant sheets of paper! My son has yet to color on the walls, but when he does I have the perfect way to get it off. My secret is coconut oil! At first when I found this out I could not believe it, so I had to try it. The steps to removing crayons from your wall are very simple, check them out: 1. Dip a paper towel or washcloth in your  Kelapo Coconut Oil. 2. Apply […]