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Peanut Butter Clusters – Great for Pups

In honor of peanut butter lover’s day, I just had to share a treat that’s enjoyable for both pets and humans. Who doesn’t love peanut butter?! The average adult consumes close to 3 pounds of peanut butter per year – whoa! Adding peanuts into your diet will help serve as a source of protein, vitamin E and folate. When looking at smooth or crunchy peanut butter, I personally like a crunch. These peanut butter clusters give both a crunch with a little bit of smoothness, so you’ll actually get the best of both.Dogs tend to gravitate towards peanut butter (and […]


Frozen Dog Treats

Like most pet owners, I absolutely love my dogs. To me my dogs are like my furry little children. I have a one-year-old shepherd beagle mix, and a six-month-old boxer mix, both from the SPCA. I would do anything for those little guys. With the Florida heat I have been giving the dogs ice cubes to snack on after walks or if they have been playing outside for a while. I recently saw Lani’s DIY bug bite blog where she essentially made Kelapo Coconut Oil ice cubes to help alleviate bug bite symptoms and thought, “my dogs would love these.” […]


Top 5 Coconut Oil Recipes of 2012

As the year is coming to an end, we wanted to take a look back at the top 5 recipes that were the most popular on our blog throughout 2012. Remember, to incorporate coconut oil into your cooking, simply replace butter or oil in a 1:1 ratio with coconut oil. An example would be replacing ½ cup of butter for ½ cup coconut oil. Here are the top 5 recipes that readers loved the most: 1. Homemade Dog Treats These homemade dog treats will make a great holiday gift for your pup! 2. Homemade Hibachi Chicken, Veggies, Noodles, and Yummy […]

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