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Top 5 DIY Coconut Oil Hair Tips

With our humid Florida weather, frizz and dry hair are two main issues that I have always had. Now that the fall is upon us, my hair is staying a little more under control – thank goodness! I have a tendency to need to switch shampoo brands every few months because of a film that starts to build up on my hair, so I recently took some tips from Today Style and made my own shampoo and hair treatments. Sticking to all-natural ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe, honey, and essential oils has helped me tremendously. Here are a few […]


Top Coconut Oil Swaps in Your Vanity

I’m not sure why spring makes me want to clean everything. Pair that with the fact we just moved, and it means I’m purging the unused and unwanted items. This includes my vanity. I’m a product hoarder; I’ll try any gimmick, I’m sad to say. But I have gotten better at this pitfall by replacing a lot of my expensive creams, gels, and lotions with coconut oil! So if you’re ready to take the plunge and purge your chemicals from your vanity – here are my top swaps. Moisturizer: I love coconut oil as my moisturizer. It’s light and has […]

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How To Keep Healthy Hair During the Winter

We all know that the winter months may cause our hair to do crazy things. Whether it becomes dry, flaky, or you’re just having a bad hair day, I have your remedy. We have explained previously that coconut oil can work wonders to your hair but I wanted to share a few of my tips in keeping healthy hair during the winter months. Although in Florida we don’t get very many “cold” days there are some days that my hair is dry or has fly-a-ways and I maintain that with coconut oil. Here’s some of my tips for surviving those […]

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