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Five Foods for Fabulous Skin

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your skin is (thanks mom!), you should never take it for granted. Once I really started paying attention to my moisturizer and using the right cleansers, there was a huge difference. But there’s more to taking care of your skin than just what you put ON it, it’s also really important to focus on what we put IN our bodies. There’s more than just the old wives tales of chocolate and greasy foods. Here are five real foods Candice Kumai, former model and host of Lifetime’s “Cook Yourself Thin”, says will naturally perk up your skin. […]

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Coconut Oil and Thyroid Function

Having a thyroid issue can be frustrating. There’s not much I really have to say about it – because for those suffering from an under or over performing thyroid, it’s frustrating. The weight gain, the tiredness – it can all cause stress. While coconut oil may not complete get rid of the thyroid, it can help with some of the symptoms of the disease. Dr. Oz says using coconut oil in a healthy diet may help spark your metabolism, which can then help with the weight gain. United Health Care physician, Dr. Elson Haas, also says coconut oil can be […]

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Yes, Healthy Desserts Exist

Typically, when dieting, we think of desserts as off limits. But, if done correctly, don’t have to be. Believe it or not, there are a few sweet treats you can indulge in, responsibly, and still meet your goals. This is great news for me because sweets are my weakness. It seems I just can’t stay away from them. One way to help curb your sweet tooth cravings is by incorporating coconut oil into your diet. This food can help level sugar levels, therefore decreasing the chance your body will crave something with extra sugar. You can give your recipes a […]

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