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Epsom Salt Face Scrub

I have been dealing with acne since I was in my teens and to this day, still have issues with my skin. I can’t begin to tell you how many products I have used. From face wash, wipes, to the classic crushed aspirin remedy, I have tried it all and nothing seemed to work. With having dry skin, I recently started using coconut oil on my skin as a moisturizer and noticed that my acne was getting somewhat clearer. It made sense since the anti-bacterial properties that coconut oil has been actually helping clear up my skin. I recently read […]

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17 Ways Coconut Oil Can Make Your Life Better

  Huffington Post in Canada recently published an article discussing the many ways coconut oil can make your life better and we couldn’t agree more! Check out the 17 ideas below and what we think about them:   Oil Pulling – I recently started oil pulling and am hoping to see all of the great benefits everyone has been talking about! Whiter teeth, better breath, less tooth sensitivity, and the list goes on. I will keep you updated on my success! Moisturizer – “Coconut oil works better on the skin than some commercial moisturizers because many major brands use petroleum-based […]

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Five Ways to Eat for Better Skin

We all know coconut oil is a great moisturizer, make-up remover and even makes an awesome body scrub. But did you know eating coconut oil can also help your skin? Jennifer Irvine, founder of The Pure Package and Balance Box and a London-based health food guru, shared her five tips on what to, and what NOT to, eat for better skin with Marie Claire UK. 1. Don’t Be Afraid of (Good) Fats Even I’ve had a hard time with this concept. But more and more research shows just how good quality fats can be for our diets. Don’t be afraid […]

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