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Coconut Oil Storage Tips

Being around coconut oil for quite some time now, I have heard a lot of questions about this healthy fat. One of the most common questions that I have had during the summertime is “how do I store my coconut oil?” Here are a few facts about storing coconut oil that may come in handy! Is coconut oil is shelf-stable?  Coconut oil can be left out on the counter, kept in the pantry and even in your bathroom. Dab a bit of coconut oil on a cotton ball to help with makeup removal – I promise you’ll thank me. How […]

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#HolisticMoms Twitter Party

Starting at 10pm tonight, Michelle and I will be here to answer all your coconut oil questions with our #HolisticMoms Twitter Party. Simply log on to your Twitter account and be part of this informational discussion. Come join us to talk with moms across the country that have the same questions you do! We’ll be here to answer all your coconut oil quires and will give away goodie bags to random winners through the #HolisticMoms chat. Make sure to check back tomorrow morning for a re-cap of our Twitter chat and feel free to ask any additional questions on the […]

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