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How to Treat “Margarita Burn”

If you’re out in the summertime heat enjoying a drink or two by the beach, it’s time to beware of the newest type of burn – the “margarita burn.” When I first heard about this type of burn, I was completely unaware of what it pertained to. After listening to a segment on the radio and doing my own research, I soon found out that it actually had to do with lime juice that is found in margaritas!According to the Mayo Clinic, the scientific name for a case like this is phytophotodermatitis, a skin condition that occurs from sensitivity to […]

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Spring Beauty Uses with Coconut Oil

Spring is now officially in full swing, which means I’m starting to come out of my winter shell with my daily beauty routine. I know it sounds horrible, but there’s something about being in a cold climate that makes me not want to put a face of make up on or even do my hair. With the sun shining and warm breeze starting, I’m letting my hair down, highlighting my face, and even hitting the beach for some natural sunshine.Today I wanted to share my Spring beauty routine, which honestly includes one ingredient: Coconut oil. Coconut oil is my go-to […]

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Coconut Oil Life Hacks

Who doesn’t want to make life a little easier? Between work and play – I can take all the little life tricks anyone can muster. That is my inspiration for today’s blog. Taking all the little life hacks we’ve learned along the way and sharing them with you. Feel free to send us any of your ideas as well! Gets you out of a sticky mess: literally. Coconut oil can be used to get stickers off jars, or even markers off a wall! Skip the tan lines: coconut oil can help ease sunburn and have you rocking that strapless dress […]

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