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Natural Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide

There are only two things about summer I really can’t stand – sunburns and the smell of sunscreen. But as a fair-skinned maven, both are pretty much always on the menu. Nevertheless, I always deal with the smell because at least I’ll get used to it after a while; now a burn on the other hand never feels good! Coconut oil has been used a sunscreen for generations in the South Pacific, and there’s some belief it holds anywhere from an SPF 4 to SPF 10. While this may be enough for some lucky people possessing way more melanin than […]


Cut Sugar Cravings With Coconut Oil

I have always had a sweet tooth and the list of cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecake that I would love to eat could go on forever! Thankfully, my change of lifestyle over the past two years of eating healthier has helped me limit myself to sweet treats only every so often. I recently read an article about the consumption of junk food in America that caught my attention. The study appeared in this month’s American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing to examine how Americans are hooked on processed food containing salt, sugar, and fat. Leader of the study, Kusum Ailawadi, and […]

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Movie Monday: Sweet Chili Popcorn

The entire time I was in school, June was one of my favorite months. While it does not host my favorite holiday (Christmas), it always held the first day of summer. And what goes with summer but the best blockbuster movies! That’s why every Monday in June will be “Movie Monday” with great snacks to enjoy while your family is catching up on silver screen releases. Who knows, it may even become a family tradition! I cannot see a movie without popcorn. I hear the word “movie” and my taste buds are already craving those popped kernels. So, of course, […]

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