coconut oil vs. olive oil

Coconut Oil Demand Rises

We know, you know, we know our friends know just how delicious and healthy coconut oil is. We talk about it on this blog everyday – from how to use it in your favorite recipe to how to incorporate it into your daily beauty routine. But did you know just how popular coconut oil really is? Well one sign is that OLIVE OIL stores have to carry it! Let’s be honest, that’s pretty amazing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still occasionally use olive oil, but this really surprised me. The owners of The Olive Barin Campbell, California, were recently […]

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Comparing Olive Oil to Coconut Oil

Everyone has heard of the Mediterranean Diet, right?  People living in countries such as Italy and Greece use olive oil for all their cooking and baking needs and tend to be in better health than us Americans.  Well have you ever heard of the South Pacific Diet?  No, not the South Beach diet, the South Pacific diet.  Ok, so I just made that term up and here’s why.  Just like in the Mediterranean, people of the South Pacific, think Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, have for generations used a naturally occurring oil for all of their cooking and baking needs.  And […]