cookie spread

Oreo Cookie Butter Ice Cream Topping

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all of those who are Irish, or everyone that pretends to be at least on this festive holiday ;)! I am indeed Irish, however, I will not be celebrating with green beer this year. Instead it will be spent as a family evening and may even have some festive activities planned, like enjoying Oreo cookie butter over mint chocolate chip ice cream. Cookie butter is a delicious combination of your favorite cookie along with coconut oil to become an extremely flavorful spread or topping for desserts. I tried making this on top of mint chocolate […]

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Hooray for the Top Chef: Just Desserts finale last night!  Instead of doing a full recap of the show, I’ll just share my highlights:   –          Lots of French chefs I didn’t recognize, but the chefs sure seemed excited. I didn’t even bother to take notes during the table service judging, because I couldn’t keep any of them straight. –          It was fun to see the old cheftestants return, even if a few of them only got a few seconds of screen time. It might have been better to assign difficult people to each of them, since that would have […]

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