deviled eggs

Flawless Homemade Deviled Eggs

The time has come where I share my delicious homemade deviled egg recipe. If you follow our blog you’ll remember that I teased you with a picture in my How To Have a Safe Picnic blog of these tasty little treats! I could eat 50 deviled eggs if you’d let me, but it’s probably no good for my waistline ;). I’ve made deviled eggs before for parties and they were great, however I wanted to make them semi-healthier.  There aren’t a whole lot of ingredients that goes into the eggs so I tried to think of what I could sub out. I […]

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How to Have a Safe Picnic

Now that we’ve celebrated the first day of summer and the Fourth of July is right around the corner, I am excited about spending more time outdoors. One of my all-time favorite activities is having a picnic. There is something about taking a blanket to the park and packing our own lunch that seems so relaxing and family-oriented. We also take our picnics to the beach and save on some of the costly foods served there. No matter where you decide to picnic, you’ll want to ensure you follow a few guidelines to avoid any food mishandling or possible illness. […]

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