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DIY Holiday Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching and in a tight economy many people are trying to figure out how to budget for this year’s gift buying season. It really is a shame that people feel forced to feed into the big box retailer mentality of purchasing every gift for every person on their list. Once upon a time, people used to MAKE each other heartfelt gifts. Today I would like to provide you some really wonderful recipes which will allow you to create some amazing personal care items which can be given to all of the special people in your life. […]

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Top 5 Natural Winter Skin Tips

Winter has come rolling in upon us, well some of us that is! In Florida it is still pretty warm however we have been experiencing a few chilly days within the past week. But we are aware that in other parts of the country it is snowy and cold which may cause cracked lips, dry skin and other skin symptoms. So I have created a list of my 5 favorite tips for keeping you skin healthy during the winter using a natural remedy. I have previously discussed that I am not big into buying expensive hair and skin products I […]

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DIY Razor Burn Relief

Let’s just start by saying, I hate shaving. My skin is so sensitive and I almost always get razor burn. The problem was made worse when I, by VERY last resort, had to use a single blade razor. (I blame Dave for buying them because they were on sale) I immediately regretted that decision. Thankfully, my jar of coconut oil was right next to my vanity and I started lathering it on my legs. The lauric acid in coconut oil is anti-bacterial, which means it can prevent any of those annoying bumps from becoming infected. Unfortunately, even the best razors […]

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