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Clearing the Cholesterol Confusion

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding coconut oil, mainly when it comes to cholesterol. Until recently, we were told all fats were bad and did the same harm to our bodies. In fact, that’s not the case at all. Coconut oil isn’t like “other” fats – and by “other” we mean butter and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Dr. Mark Hyman, a physician specializing in functional medicine, puts it simply: “fat does not make you fat or sick.” He says the original study linking heart disease and fat together was flawed in making a causation conclusion. “Every day, you wake up […]

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Education Spotlight: American School of Natural Health

We are so excited about the new nutritional school opening right in our backyard in Tampa. The American School of Natural Health (ASNH) is starting classes in late October and offers degrees focused on dietary and nutritional paths. The school has several successful sister schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland currently, this will be the first here in America. Hermann Keppler, the president and founder of ASNH, is a long-time proponent of coconut oil and invited Kelapo Founder, Erin Meagher, to speak at the open house October 12 about the oil’s many health benefits. Keppler’s goal with the school […]

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Top 5 New Celebrity Coconut Oil Users

Celebrities and athletes are always in the know about the best health and fitness secrets. We divulged our Top Ten Celebrity Coconut Oil Users last year, but since then more celebrities have shared their uses for coconut oil!Here are our top 5 new celebrity coconut oil users:5. Yoon Mi-rae – Mi-rae, famous South Korean hip-hop singer, uses coconut oil on her body to retain natural moisture. The coconut oil, she explained, “is also full of vitamins and minerals that help with troubled or blemished skin.”4. Jennifer Aniston – The famous actress has  been spotted with a shopping cart full of […]

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