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DIY Homemade Caramel Hair Treatment

I recently came across a recipe for a caramel hair treatment and it caught my eye because of the word caramel. Typically this is used as a word for a dessert topping, which I love, so I was interested in what it could potentially do for my hair. I read that the outcome was soft and silky hair which every woman wants. I was especially looking forward to this treatment because lately my hair has been a bit dry. The original recipe that I found called for olive oil but I replaced that with coconut oil because I have used […]

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Fresh-from-the-Beach Hair with Coconut Oil

For the most part, my hair does what I ask it to do. And for how much I really put it through, between the coloring and the styling, I’m surprised I have as much hair on my head as I do; yet another thing I can thank my mother for passing along. So if you’ve been reading carefully, you know I’m no stranger to making my own beauty products, including moisturizer and a body scrub. So why not move on to a hair product? I just moved to the Sunshine State two years ago, and absolutely love it! Being able […]