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How to: Protect Your Skin During Changing Seasons

It’s the countdown to fall, which brings cooler weather to our overly humid climate here in Florida. This is personally on of my favorite seasons of the year. Honestly, I feel like this season comes so fast which can make the weather change in an instant. One day it can be beach weather and the next day it can be cool and dry. So, how do you protect your skin during the changing seasons? My secret for all things skin is coconut oil! Whether I have a sunburn or am visiting a drier climate and my skin is flaky, I […]

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Coconut Oil: A Beauty Review

As I become more “vintage” (I overheard that once and LOVE it!), I find myself ditching the chemicals in my beauty routine. Similar to how I eat, if I can’t pronounce it, I try my best not to use it. As you’ve seen in my Skin Polish and Moisturizer blogs, I’m addicted to using Kelapo for my skin and have really noticed a difference in clarity and smoothness since cleaning out my vanity. We recently reached out to a Texas duo, Alex and Emily from the YouTube channel FromtheVanity, for their take on our organic coconut oil. Since they are […]

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Top Ten Celebrity Coconut Oil Users

Doesn’t seem that all the celebrities and famous athletes always know about the secrets to health and fitness before the rest of us!?!  It seems these ten celebrities have all been using coconut oil for a long time.  Now you can add coconut oil as your secret ingredient to all your favorite recipes!10.  Angelina Jolie– starts her day with a “a spoonful of coconut oil.”9. Apollo Ohno– the night before a race he eats steamed broccoli, brown rice, and coconut oil for added energy8. Mindy Kaling– “This is an Indian thing- my mom makes me heat up coconut oil, put it […]

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