healthy breakfast ideas

Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites

Everyone has those mornings where you’re so rushed that there is barely any time to make breakfast. Well, I seem to have mornings like this a lot lately, so I’ve been coming up with creative ways to get fuel for my body while on-the-go. I had an addiction to fruit flavored Greek yogurt for the longest time, but the 15-20 grams of sugar in one serving added up pretty quickly. In order to get my serving of healthy fats and protein from the Greek yogurt, I came up with an all-in-one solution – frozen Greek yogurt bites. I’m a little […]

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Healthy Back To School Ideas

Another Natural Products Expo East has come and gone, but I can truly say it was an amazing weekend! We transformed our booth for this expo by revealing a new design to showcase all our coconut oil products and give an interactive feel with iPads and a projection screen. The no-grain granola and black bean brownies that we served courtesy of Keep It Real Food Company were also a hit! When I had some down time from working, I took the opportunity to walk the expo floor to scope out new products and releases. Being a college student, I’m always […]

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Protein Breakfast Cookie

We’ve all heard it – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But sometimes I’m lucky if I have matching shoes on, much less a complete breakfast! I know I’m not the only one, because there is an entire line of breakfast “to-go” foods, everything from bars to shakes. But have you read the ingredients on them? Some of them I can’t even pronounce. For a long time, I really didn’t understand labels. I was really just worried about the calories and thought that was the most important thing. However, after a little education, I quickly became more […]

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