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Top 5 Healthy Fats for Losing Weight

A lot of people still have the misconception that healthy fats will make you fat. Believe it or not, this is the exact opposite. You should actually try to incorporate healthy fats into your diet on a daily basis not only for fat loss, but overall health benefits. According to Grinnell, writer for Muscle and Fitness, our bodies need the right amount of fats to support metabolism, cell signaling, the health of certain body tissues, immunity function, hormone production, and the absorption of may nutrients. With so many different options of healthy fats out on the market and in found […]

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5 Tips for Better Healthy Behaviors

When looking at healthy behaviors, I feel that each person has a different style that they like to follow. Before I got into exercising regularly and eating clean, I barely cared about what foods I put in my body. An article I came across on Mind Body Green gave me good insight on some healthy behaviors that may not necessarily be the healthiest for you or your stress levels. Of course everyone has their own way of going about their daily routines, but today I wanted to share some habits that could change your view on how you view the […]

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The Top Diets of 2014

Being a few weeks into the New Year, many of you are getting into the habit of eating clean, incorporating healthy fats into your diet, hitting the gym, and participating in regular cardiovascular activity. With so many different diet choices out there these days, you may find yourself wondering which one really is THE best diet. The U.S. News Health and Wellness section released its annual ranking of the top 32 diets, according to health experts. It’s always great idea to do research before starting a diet in order to make sure you’re comfortable with the portion sizes and food […]