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Dietitian’s Advice: Healthy Holiday Swaps

This is the time of year I have to be extra good – and not just to avoid getting coal on Christmas. Between work and friends’ parties, I’m exposed to a LOT of indulgent foods that can wreak havoc on all the hard work I put into being health year round. We reached out to Carrie Gabriel, a L.A.-based dietitian for her top five swaps to make the holidays a little healthier. Using coconut oil instead of butter.Carrie, we couldn’t agree more! From baking to sautéing to roasting vegetables like Brussels sprouts or sautéing vegetables like kale or spinach, using […]

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Coconut Sweet Potato Latkes

This week’s feast will be a unique experience in my house as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah. Typically the festival of lights is celebrated in December, but for the first time in hundreds of years the two holidays overlap. This means we’re having lots of fun creating a menu for dinner this Thursday! Latkes are a traditional Jewish treat I just learned how to make earlier this year. Now that I have a hang on the recipe, I thought it was time to experiment and create something with a Thanksgiving twist. I swapped out the white […]

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