how to use coconut oil in training

Achieve Your Warrior Body with Coconut Oil

Ok, how do I put this lightly?  You need more coconut in you life. Many tropical cultures survive on diets consisting primarily of coconut in various forms.  It’s probably the most important source of plant-based fat in existence, perhaps chief even among animal-based fats also. Why? Medium-chain triglycerides. Fats are complicated.  As is also the case with the opposite sex, we can’t live without them, they come in different shapes and sizes, and have fundamental but varied affects on our bodies.  For the purpose of explaining the awesomeness of coconut, we will peel back a few layers of the onion […]

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How to Finish a Half Marathon

Congratulations to everyone who competed and finished the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Epcot this past weekend.  I was one among the over 14,000 runners, many of them also running in their very first half marathon.  Marathon running is not my thing, full or half’s.  I was signed up for the race by my runner boyfriend and truly wasn’t looking forward to 13.1 miles.  I have never run more than 7 miles at one time in my life!  How do you get through 13?!  But if I didn’t run, I’d never hear the end of it about how […]

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