Coconut Hummus Dip with Snap Peas

Are you in the mood for a delicious snack? Bored with crunchy cookies and crackers? Be sure to give this recipe a whirl! It is a great alternative to the processed and conventional snacks on the market that may contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. Hummus is a simple way to include a variety of nutrients in your diet, especially protein. We need to be eating adequate amounts of protein to help promote healthy muscles and tissues in our body. The chickpeas in the recipe are an excellent source of digestion-friendly fiber and zinc for keeping the immune system strong. The […]

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How to Use Juicing ByProducts

We bought the Breville Juicer and love it!  Our go to juice is a Green Monster.  It is full of spinach, kale, celery, green apples, and ginger.  The first time that I used the juicer I was surprised by how much byproduct of the vegetables is left over.  Not really thinking, I tossed it all down the garbage disposal.  Then I felt really guilty because I thought of the years that my grandmother preached to not waste anything, especially good greens that are perfect for composting.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or space for composting.  If you do, then […]


March Madness Ensues

Today is National Bracket Day for all you March Madness fans out there!  It’s time to pick winners from the pool of 64 Men’s College Basketball Teams all competing to get a spot in the coveted Final Four.  I’ve filled out my selections on ESPN’s automatic bracket selection tool.  This year, I’ve selected UNC, who is a 5-1 favorite to win it all in 2012.  However, the overall favorite are the Kentucky Wildcats at 2-1 odds to be National Champions. While watching all the action this year, try out some new hummus recipes that are quick and easy to make […]

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