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Hooray for the Top Chef: Just Desserts finale last night!  Instead of doing a full recap of the show, I’ll just share my highlights:   –          Lots of French chefs I didn’t recognize, but the chefs sure seemed excited. I didn’t even bother to take notes during the table service judging, because I couldn’t keep any of them straight. –          It was fun to see the old cheftestants return, even if a few of them only got a few seconds of screen time. It might have been better to assign difficult people to each of them, since that would have […]

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Top Chef Just Desserts: Dessert in Disguise

I think last nights episode of Just Desserts was one of the coolest episodes yet!  If you missed it, read through and look at the pictures below. Lets start from the beginning, shall we.  I couldn’t stop laughing when Chris and Matt were pouring out Captain Crunch for Carlos. So silly!  I liked how Matt and Chris were eating cereal and then Orlando and Sally were making a big gourmet breakfast.  Yum!  I wish I had chefs to cook for me every morning.  Anyways throughout this episode we got an even more in-depth look at the cheftestants lives pre Top […]

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Just Desserts Plus Kettle and Caramel Corn

Top Chef Just Desserts is really getting down to the wire! Only a few more weeks until we have our winner. Last night, we got to see lots of scenes in the house, which I just love. And, Hubert returned!! He makes my little heart go pitter-pat. For a video of Hubert making the perfect pie crust (well, almost perfect. Coconut oil would have made it even better!) click here: http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef-just-desserts/season-2/videos/just-tips?id=73056#selected We also get Francois Payard in this episode, judging pies in the Quickfire Challenge. Know who should have been judging the pies? ME! I have pie judging experience. I’ve […]

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