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Just Desserts and Vegan Apple Cinnamon Donut Holes

Top Chef: Just Desserts last night was a good one! I actually was so tired that I went to bed and had to set an alarm to watch it. But I’m glad I did, because I ended up having very sweet dreams! No wonder I was craving donuts this morning. Anyway, on to last night’s episode… I just love it when we see the chefs back at the house. It’s like a peek into their real personalities when they think no one is watching. The Katzie-Sally rivalry is apparent as ever when Katzie makes some comment about Sally being too […]

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Just Desserts and Beastie Brass Monkey Sorbet

As promised, here are my notes from this week’s Top Chef Just Desserts. First, let me just say that the coconut water all the chefs were enjoying in the house did not go unnoticed! The chefs head to the kitchen and Top Chef Jordan Kahn appears. The Quick Fire Challenge is to take a root vegetable and turn it into a yummy dessert. Some of the root vegetables the chefs had to work with were completely foreign and crazy! I’m always impressed when the contestants are able to successfully work with an ingredient they have never encountered before. I mean, […]

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Top Chef Just Desserts: Make a Splash

This weeks episode of Top Chef Just Desserts took me back to my childhood!  Between the quickfire and the elimination challenges the show had me wishing I was a kid again.  Speaking of young, everyone was complaining about Katzie again being too immature.  Even though they tend to make some mistakes, I think the older chefs are just jealous they got such a great opportunity at such a young age.  Plus, Katzie has something up her sleeve for the elimination challenge. For the quickfire the chefs had to create their own candy bar, name it, and package it.  So much […]

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