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Recipes for Your Health

As a mother and a wife I want to ensure that my husband and son are getting nutritious meals throughout the day. This can sometimes be difficult, especially as a working female, because things are always busy and time tends to fly by. At least, that is what it feels like in my household! I’m always looking for new recipes and ways to cut down time in the kitchen, this led me to an article in the New York Times about Recipes for Health. “Recipes for Health offers recipes with an eye towards empowering you to cook healthy meals every day. […]

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Energy-Boosting Kale Smoothie

We all know that the green vegetables are some of the most nutritious  for your body. However, with that being said we don’t always eat as health conscious as we should or we avoid some of the healthier options because they “aren’t as tasty”. This is where I feel like some people are mistaken about spinach and kale. I do encourage you to add flavors when making both of this veggies but I think the bad taste is a misconception that many people have. This is especially true when adding spinach or kale to a smoothie. Since I am pregnant, for […]

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