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Sara Snow’s Homemade Gift Idea: Coconut Oil Lip Balm

For years my family didn’t buy Christmas gifts.  If you were going to give a gift it had to be homemade.  So by November we donned our creative caps and got busy.  We’ve been known (individually…and I can’t credit any one individual with all of these charmers) to churn out gourd lamps, hand-quilted throw blankets, framed photography, and culinary creations like hot sauce and fruit breads from all locally-sourced ingredients. We don’t go quite so overboard these days but I do love to make one signature gift each holiday season and then distribute those around as stocking-stuffers or tokens of […]


Moisturize and Soften Dry Skin this Winter

Welcome to Vail, CO.  The next four days are going to be packed full of skiing! Current temperature 32 degrees!  Brrr..  I wouldn’t think about coming to these cold conditions without bringing my coconut oil!  It’s my secret weapon against cracked lips, peeling skin, and red soreness around my nose.  Let’s not forget how I’ll also be using it as an overall skin moisturizer, especially when I get out of the shower.  Check back for more picture updates throughout the week.   – EM      

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