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Memorial Day Barbecue Ideas

It’s National Barbecue Month and we’re celebrating the best way we know how. Memorial Day barbecue recipes! Doesn’t get any more American than that! Instead of writing about your traditional burger and hot dog ideas, let’s get creative!First thing’s first, go outside and get your grill ready!Grilled CornWe’re going to make grilled corn but with two different flavors so all your guest is satisfied. I’ll be using 4 corns to make each recipe but feel free to stock up on ingredients depending on how many guests are attending your barbecue. If you want more ways to make grilled corn, watch […]

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Healthy Burger Swaps

Memorial Day is almost here! That means lots of cookouts with lots of unhealthy foods. At your cookout on Monday, try these simple swaps to make your burgers a little more healthy and just as delicious! In addition to all of these healthy swaps, make sure you keep portion control in mind. Eat one patty instead of two and don’t make a huge 1/2 pound burger to make up for the missing patty. Swap lean protein for ground beef – Ground beef can be super fatty, so try a leaner protein instead. Try ground turkey, ground chicken, salmon, lean ground […]

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Delicious Memorial Day Dessert: Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

I just have one word: YUM! This dessert has two of my very favorite things – chocolate and strawberries. My friends are going to love these personal shortcakes for our cookout today. Don’t be intimidated by the ingredient list, it’s really easy to make. This recipe was originally found on the Food Network, but I of course substituted the butter for Kelapo Coconut Oil and made a few other sub-ins as well. Let’s get right to the ingredients, shall we? For the shortcakes: 1 cup whole wheat flour, plus more for dusting 1/3 cup granulated sugar (I used sucralose) 2 […]

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