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Grilled Steak Tacos

I have been getting some major taco cravings lately… they are little, easy to eat, and taste amazing… what’s not to love?!  My favorite kind of taco is a traditional steak taco on soft corn tortilla shells with onions and cilantro. You have to try these, they were some of the best steak tacos I have ever had.  The marinade was amazing and complimented the onions and cilantro perfectly! I also used a cast iron skillet to grill my steak, which I highly recommend! Cast iron skillets make a delicious steak. Plus, I have been growing herbs since early Spring […]

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Easy Weeknight Baked Chicken Fajitas

I know weeknights can be pretty hectic.  Between getting home from school/work late, kids, homework, practices, it can be down right crazy.  This is a simple and delicious meal that can be prepped the night before or that same morning then just put it in a dish and pop it in the oven.  Voila! You have a homemade meal that you spent five minutes on and everyone will love it!  Pete preferred this recipe than my go to recipe for fajitas and this one just happens to be waaaay easier! Score! Baked Chicken Fajitas Adapted from Six Sisters Stuff  1 […]

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Quesadilla made with Holiday Leftovers

You can only eat so many turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving before you start to wonder what else you can do with your leftovers. I dug through our leftovers this year and decided it was time for something new. This led to a quesadilla made with leftovers that is great for lunch or dinner. Ingredients: 1 whole wheat tortilla, burrito-size 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard Sliced leftover turkey Leftover Cranberry sauce 2 slices cheese Salt and pepper, to taste Kelapo Coconut Oil Cooking Spray Directions: 1. Heat a skillet on the stove top and spray the skillet with Kelapo Coconut Oil Cooking […]