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How to Avoid Being Hangry

Trust me, hangry maybe a made up word but the feeling is real. For those of you who don’t know, “hangry” is a combination of being hungry and angry. Believe it or not, researchers say this feeling can lead to fights in your relationship! Yes, money was spent to figure out the true reason people fight over the lost remote (not literally, but perhaps). In the study, participants were given, and I’m not kidding, voodoo dolls representing the other spouse. It was found the more pins the lower the glucose levels in their system. In fact, the lowest glucose levels […]

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Energizing Coffee Protein Shake

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’m currently eating my way through events with family and enjoying a relaxing day off. What comes after Thanksgiving?! Black Friday, of course. Call me crazy, but I do love Black Friday Shopping and will be partaking in the madness later tonight. Each year I tend to get extremely sleepy from all the turkey, carbohydrates and sweets that are consumed. This year, in order to prepare for my shopping festivities, I’ll be preparing an energizing protein shake. When I think of energy, coconut oil and coffee instantly come to my mind. You’re probably wondering how coconut oil […]

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