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Natural Remedies for Digestion Issues

Ok, so you didn’t follow our advice on how NOT to overeat. That’s fine, we understand. Piles and piles and piles of chocolate covered popcorn and cake and delicious appetizers can be tempting. But, I bet you’re paying for it with a little, let’s just say, discomfort. Do not fear, there are plenty of home remedies for putting your body back on track, and ready for the next buffet. Just kidding! You can start by incorporating fiber into your diet. Adding foods like bananas and pears, whole grains, almonds and broccoli can all provide your body with tons of fiber, […]

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Coconut Oil: A Mother Knows Best

It’s official, not only do we have the best fans – we have the cutest fans! Sweet little Madeline has been using extra virgin coconut oil since the day she was born! Her mother, Jackie, has used it to help fight cradle cap and boost her own energy. Jackie was kind enough to invite her in her home in Florida to talk about the dozens of uses she and baby Maddie have for the tropical oil. Cradle Cap – Not having children of my own yet, this was uncharted territory. Turns out, it’s like a baby dandruff that can SPREAD! […]

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World Health Day – High Blood Pressure

It’s World Health Day and the theme for 2013 is high blood pressure. Many people seem to struggle with high blood pressure for a variety of different reasons but everyone wants to know how to lower their blood pressure. Of course there are medicines that you can take to help with this but you may want to go a more natural route. Studies have shown that coconut oil may help to improve high blood pressure; let’s take a look at one of the articles. “Family history, poor diet, and obesity are just a few of the causes of high blood […]

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