Patricia Bannan

Patricia Bannan’s Quick Ideas for a Healthier You

You’d eat healthier, if only you had the time.  A quick glance at your calendar tells you that will happen sometime between today and—exactly never.  If you’re like most people these days, you’re probably feeling overbooked, overloaded, and overwhelmed, so it’s no surprise that eating well is often a challenge.  Here are some tips from my book, Eat Right When Time is Tight, to help you pump up your eating even on the busiest of days! Breakfast Blends: Let your blender help you pack in a few servings of fruit and vegetables to start your day off right.  Plan ahead […]

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Patricia Bannan’s Healthy Tips for Families

From fast-food being served in schools to the elimination of physical education programs, kids have all sorts of health roadblocks to navigate.  Family involvement is essential to help children maintain a healthy lifestyle, and with a few facts and smart strategies it can be easier than you think.   Enjoy healthy fats.  The recently updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends a higher baseline fat intake for children, with the lower limit for children and adolescents placed at 25% of total calories (compared with 20% for adults).  Not surprisingly, healthy fats (those that contain minimal cholesterol and processing) should be the […]


Introducing Kelapo’s Resident RD: Patricia Bannan, MS, RD

We would like to introduce Patricia Bannan, MS, RD!  Patricia will be working with us through the end of the year.  She will be posting healthy blogs and tips once a month. Patricia Bannan, M.S., R.D., is a Los Angeles-based registered dietitian specializing in nutrition and health communications. She develops news segments for television stations, writes articles for magazines, and serves as a consultant and spokesperson to PR agencies and industry groups nationwide. She is the author of Eat Right When Time Is Tight: 150 Slim-Down Strategies and No-Cook Food Fixes (NorLightsPress, 2010). Patricia has appeared as a guest expert […]

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