Potato Chip Bonanza!

National Potato Chip Day has got me singing! I love potatoes because you can make so many different recipes with them (who are we kidding, they’re delicious too!)! Plus, I finally get to share with everyone my favorite recipe on how to get the perfect homemade potato chips! I’ve also got a couple of extra potato chip recipes up my sleeve today.Air Fryer Potato ChipsNow, personally, this is my favorite way to make potato chips but I have also tried baking them. If you have an air fryer then perfect, this recipe is for you! If you don’t, don’t worry! […]

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Dinner For Two (3-Course Meal)

Most days I have trouble deciding what it is I want to make for dinner and asking my boyfriend is out of the question. I usually don’t know what I’m craving but it is never what he is craving (sorry honey!). Let’s be honest, cooking for two can be harder than not, especially on an everyday basis. So for all of those of you who are out there cooking for two, or more than two, I have researched the perfect 3-course meal to make on any night! If you want to surprise your partner or family or just get some […]

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Perfect Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes are an easy side dish for dinner time but do you ever get bored of plain old potatoes? I do, so I enjoy adding different ingredients to spice them up and make them less boring! Recently, I bought a large bag of red potatoes at the grocery store ,so my hubby told me that we better be eating potatoes every night so they wouldn’t go bad. At first, I panicked a little bit because I thought how could I incorporate potatoes into every meal? But after making last night’s side dish, I knew it would be easy to make […]

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