pumpkin soup

Vegan Creamy Coconut Pumpkin Soup

I can’t believe it’s November. We finally had our first real cool night, so that is making it a little more believable that it’s not summer anymore… but this year is just flying by! I’m okay with that if it means more pumpkin in my life. I like sweet pumpkin treats, but I like savory even more and my Creamy Coconut Pumpkin Soup is amazingly easy to make and not at all sweet… but it’s still a treat! My mom has been making her famous pumpkin soup for years and we look forward to enjoying it each year. This year […]

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Farm Restaurant’s Down Home Cooking

 With everyone’s busy schedules now a days, it’s nice to get a home cooked meal.  I think that’s part of the anticipation of a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, knowing it was prepared especially for you by loving family members and close friends.  Outside of Thanksgiving, if you want a classic down home meal you have to try FARM Restaurant in Bloomington, IN. I traveled to the quaint college town for business in November when the temperature outside dipped to 40 degrees.  That is frigid weather for anyone who’s lived in Florida for more than a year!  Right away I started off […]


What To Do With Your Halloween Pumpkin On November 1

Here are some great recipes from Chef Cristian Feher so that your Halloween pumpkin doesn’t go to waste.   It’s officially November 1st and your kids are in a sugar coma. Pirate capes and princess costumes hang on the edge of the hamper, and you’re still trying to get that fake blood off the carpet. But miraculously, no one stole, blew up, or smashed your pumpkins! And it’s a good thing, because you can now  turn them into delicious meals for the rest of the week.The first thing that comes to your mind is pumpkin pie, right? Well I’d like […]

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