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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Even if you have fantastic willpower when it comes to resisting temptations, the holiday season is challenging for everyone. Staying on track can seem daunting with all the seasonal gatherings, you feel like diving face first into a tray of pumpkin flavored brownies and sending your eating and fitness routine off into a deep dark sleep until the New Year arrives. But we all know the excess pounds don’t disappear the way the Christmas tree does when you leave it on the street for the garbage man to collect. So how can you avoid that pesky holiday season weight gain? […]

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Why Do Registered Dietitians use Coconut Oil?

One of the biggest questions that I hear all the time is “The saturated fat in coconut oil is so high, so why would I use it?”. Unfortunately, saturated fat has “gotten a bad rep” from studies that were done many years ago. The studies that were performed about saturated fat being bad to consume were about the animal based saturated fats. Coconut oil on the other hand has been found to be a plant-based saturated fat, making it easily digestible and used as an energy source. Yes, coconut oil does have a higher amount of saturated fat, however this […]

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