roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Trail Mix

I hope you saved at least a cup of your roasted pumpkin seeds from yesterday’s recipe because we have an amazing trail mix for you that is the perfect balance of sweet and salty.  Throw in whatever you want or leave out what you don’t like, that’s the beauty of trail mixes.  Plus they are quick and easy snacks to take along with you right in your purse. Take it along with you as a healthy snack while taking your kids Trick or Treating.  It will curb your urge to reach for their Halloween candy. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Trail Mix […]

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Perks of Carving a Halloween Pumpkin

Pete and I spent a good portion of this weekend preparing for Halloween.  We woke up early on Sunday morning (I wish I could still sleep in), went and had breakfast, then went to our local pumpkin patch.  We found the perfect pumpkin!  When we got home I looked online to find the best pattern to carve into our pumpkin.  We settled on one called “The Eye of the Beholder” from this great site Zombie Pumpkins. Pete gutted the pumpkin and I got to work on roasting the pumpkin seeds.  These were so easy and tasty.  It was a nice […]

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