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Shape Tells Readers all about Coconut Oil

We’ve been talking, tweeting, blogging and posting to all of our coconut oil fans about all of the benefits of this super-food when incorporated into your daily diet. But it always helps to have someone else reinforcing the same message. (You know, like when you tell your significant other something but he only believes it when someone else tells him the SAME thing.) This month, we got some help from one of our favorite magazines, Shape. Matt Kadey, MS, RD shared his expertise with the monthly fitness magazine on why coconut oil is a good fat to incorporate into your meals. Yes, […]

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Laura Prepon Loves to Cook with Coconut Oil

Laura Prepon, star of the new Chelsea Handler series, Are You There, Chelsea? and former star of That 70’s Show recently appeared in Shape Magazine.  She shared her 10 best fitness secrets and it included coconut oil!  Read all 10 tips below and pay close attention to number 5!   10 Fun Fitness Facts with Laura Prepon 1.  She loves spinning classes with Andrea Lawent at Made in LA Fitness. “Her night classes are so great!” Prepon says. “She turns off all the lights, puts on candles and plays incredible rock music so you get into the zone…you forget you’re […]

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Shape Magazine’s “Crazy for Coconuts: 5 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Coconut”

Shape Magazine recently posted an article on their website, “Crazy for Coconuts: 5 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Coconut.”  Of course the article discusses coconut oil cooking and all of the great benefits and ways to use it. “For weight loss, pure coconut oil, not water, is where the research lies. Several studies have found that coconut oil may aid weight loss because the type of fat it contains, called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), are metabolized differently than fats from other oils. Most of the fat in this delicious oil is saturated, but more and more research confirms that not all saturated […]

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