Top 5 Ways to Soothe a Sore Throat

It happened! I got the dreaded summer flu that has been going around.  It started with the chills, hot flashes, fever, and sore throat.  Finally, everything went away except for the sore throat then up popped a runny nose and cough.  The sore throat hung around for about a week, pretty much the whole time I was sick.  So I was constantly looking for ways to soothe my throat and relieve some of the pain. I figured out a bunch of ways to not only soothe my throat, but help me feel better just a little bit faster.  Here are […]

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Just Desserts and Beastie Brass Monkey Sorbet

As promised, here are my notes from this week’s Top Chef Just Desserts. First, let me just say that the coconut water all the chefs were enjoying in the house did not go unnoticed! The chefs head to the kitchen and Top Chef Jordan Kahn appears. The Quick Fire Challenge is to take a root vegetable and turn it into a yummy dessert. Some of the root vegetables the chefs had to work with were completely foreign and crazy! I’m always impressed when the contestants are able to successfully work with an ingredient they have never encountered before. I mean, […]

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Top Chef Just Desserts: Pure Imagination!

First, let me just say that Willy Wonka is one of my favorite movies of all time! (The original, not the creepy Johnny Depp version). I was so excited when I learned the cheftestants would be recreating the chocolate factory. Not only that, but the stars of the film were there too! Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregard, and Mike Teevee all came out to inspire and taste the creations. They should have said something about Augustus Gloop, because I started to think he really drowned in that chocolate river! Fortunately, Google and Wikipedia set me straight. Apparently Gloop is […]

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