Spinach Delight!

What better way to celebrate National Spinach Day than to make some amazing spinach-inspired recipes! As my grandmother always said, spinach is great for your health. Of course, for 6-year-old me, this statement made no sense. Now that I am wiser and older, I can positively say spinach is great for digestion and an excellent source for vitamins. So, if you’ve become a spinach lover, like me, you’ll be making up any excuse to cook these recipes.Caramelized Onion and Spinach DipThis recipe goes great with either pita chips or potato chips!Ingredients needed:3 tablespoons of Kelapo Ghee (melted)2 sprigs of fresh […]

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5 Ingredients, 5 Minutes The Fastest Dinner Ever

Last night I set a record for fastest dinner ever, with the fewest ingredients that still satisfied a hungry belly.  Here’s how it went down. Boyfriend: “I’m really hungry.” Me: “What do you want for dinner, a salad?” BF: “Nah…” Conversation ends, he continues to watch tv and drink a glass of wine.  10 minutes later. BF: “What’s for dinner?” Me: “Well I can make you a nice healthy salad, quinoa, whole wheat pasta…. What would you like?”   BF thinks about it and again, continues watching tv.  Meanwhile, I don’t want to get up and make dinner because I’m […]


LindaJoy’s Fricassee of Corn, Asparagus and Shitake over Spinach and Arugula

Raw Fusion Recipe – blending the incredible health benefits of the raw foods lifestyle with the comfort and convenience of mainstream meals in everyday healthy recipes   Over the past few years the raw foods lifestyle has gained quite a following.  Eating primarily raw foods does not necessarily mean that you subsist on a boring diet of carrots and celery; or even that the food is always cold and completely uncooked.  In fact, gourmet raw food recipes are some of the most sophisticated-tasting foods that I have ever experienced.  The premise of this lifestyle is that you eat mainly whole […]

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