Top Brain Boosting Foods

The older I get, the more I’m allowing my pantry to be my medicine cabinet. While yes, there is definitely a place for the pharmacy, it can’t hurt to eat better, right? After some research, I found there are quite a few brain boosting foods out there we can all start adding into our diets. 1. Coconut Oil This oil is currently being studied for its powers in helping Alzheimer’s patients at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute. Recent research has found, during Alzheimer’s, the brain stops processing glucose and the disease acts much like a type three diabetes. When coconut oil […]

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5 New Superfoods in Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine recently posted an article on their website, “Keep Your Fridge and Pantry Stocked with These 5 New Superfoods.”  Coconut oil was included among the 5 superfoods! “Once villainized for its high fat content, coconut oil is now one of the hottest health foods. High in lauric acid, coconut oil is now said to be a superfood that boosts metabolism, burns fat and helps keep your immune system strong.” – Jennipher Walters, Shape Magazine, July 2011    Make sure to stock up your pantry with coconut oil and use it regularly to get all of the great health benefits […]

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