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Eating Your Colors – Orange Glazed Vegetables

Now that we are into the New Year, I’ve made it my goal to stick to a clean diet filled with lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, while increasing my vegetable intake. Vegetables are the one food that I tend to forget to incorporate into each meal, so I’m trying a new system of “eating my colors” to make it a point that I fill my plate with colorful vegetables for at least 2 meals per day. Eating vegetables with colors such as green, orange, yellow, and purple, will help vitamin intake, fiber, and overall nutrition. According to the […]

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Sweet Potato Cornbread

The holidays are here! I can’t believe it! One of my favorite things to eat this time of year, besides pumpkin of course, is sweet potatoes. In my opinion, add sweet potatoes to any recipe and it makes it soooo much better.  I’ll take sweet potato pancakes, sweet potato muffins, roasted sweet potatoes, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato fries, sweet potato chips, or mashed sweet potatoes… I can’t get enough! I love making chili when it starts to get cool out, which for Florida is about 80 degrees, and my favorite side dish for chili is cornbread. So why not […]

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