sweet potatoes

Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries

I’m a huge fan of regular potatoes prepared any way, but let’s talk about sweet potatoes, old spud’s cooler, yummy cousin! Eating sweet potatoes can give you a quick boot of vitamin A which is important for keeping your body healthy. Sweet potatoes already have such a good flavor that you don’t really need to do much to make it taste great! I like to use coconut oil, as it helps bind the seasonings to give it that desired kick. I love to make this recipe and try so hard not to eat the whole batch by myself!  Ingredients: 2 medium […]

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Eat Like Schwarzenegger’s Fitness Advisor

As an aspiring bodybuilder, and someone who recently started training for my first physique show, it is my humble opinion that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. I count him as one of my personal heroes and someone I admire. Very few people have accomplished as much as he has in one lifetime. Recently I found an AMA, short for Ask Me Anything, done by one of Arnold’s fitness advisors, Adam Bornstein, on the popular social discussion board site, Reddit.com. Needless to say, I was ecstatic; this was a chance to get a behind the scenes look […]

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Sweet Potato Casserole

I don’t know about you, but I never like the marshmallow gooey sweet potato casserole that seems to creep into every Turkey Day gathering. Here’s a much better option, that would make a great dessert (or decadent side dish, if you must!) I just love the coconut oil/sweet potato combo. You won’t miss the butter, I promise!   Ingredients   3 cups mashed sweet potatoes   1 cup brown sugar   1/3 cup melted Kelapo coconut oil   1 teaspoon vanilla   1/2 cup milk (warmed slightly to room temperature)   2 eggs, lightly beaten   Topping:   1/2 cup […]

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