three ingredient biscuits

Coconut Oil Honey Butter

I haven’t used butter in my house in almost over two years. I became introduced to coconut oil as a healthy replacement to butter and have become hooked! Not only is it a healthy alternative but it really enhances the flavors of my food. Instead of my food tasting like butter, the natural flavors of the food are really enhanced by cooking with coconut oil. I must admit that I do miss the taste of butter, especially on my toast in the mornings. This is where a new favorite recipe of mine comes into play; coconut oil honey butter! Ingredients: […]


Three Ingredient Biscuits

One of the biggest questions that I get asked about using coconut oil is, “Doesn’t it make everything taste like coconuts?”. I feel like this is a huge misconception that people have because they think all of your food MUST taste like an almond joy. However, this is incorrect because most people are unaware of the versatility of using coconut oil while cooking and baking. I love baking with coconut oil and making cookies and cakes but I also love baking with coconut oil and making savory foods, like biscuits! When I think of a biscuit, I think of delicious, buttery […]

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