Top Chef

Top Chef Seattle: “Jalapeno Business”

It’s Thursday which means it’s time for our weekly Top Chef episode review! Last night featured some surprise elements and great dishes! Lizzie found a note on the kitchen counter of their suite from Padma with an address for the chefs to go harvest their own ingredient for the Quickfire Challenge. They shortly arrived at Taylor Shellfish Farm in Bow, WA. It was now time to put on those mud boots and start to harvest their own oysters! After completing this task, the chefs returned to the Top Chef kitchen to meet Padma and Emeril for cooking instructions. Their Quickfire […]

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Top Chef Seattle: Forks and Recreation

Last night Top Chef contestants needed to prove themselves after a horrible showing in last week’s episode. You can read my recap of last week’s episode here: Top Chef Seattle: Pike Place Market Challenge. I think the chef’s really stepped it up last night and at least tried to make their dishes more unique and interesting. The Quickfire Challenge was for the chefs to create sweet and savory holiday dishes using Truvia and all the chefs had to share ONE knife. As you can imagine this made things interesting and really pushed the chef’s to be creative. Marilyn Hagerty, famous […]

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Top Chef Seattle: Pike Place Market Challenge

I love watching cooking shows, mainly because I am jealous of all of these amazing ideas and dishes the chefs come up with.  Needless to say, I am extremely excited that Top Chef is back for another season! Last night the chefs had to compete in pairs which can go really well, or not so great and last night was a not so great night. The contestants were shocked when they were all scolded by Tom for horrible dishes. Then in an added twist, there was no winner and a double elimination. You can watch last night’s episode here. So […]