Kelapo Goes International!

‘Tis the season where you visit family and close friends whether it be near or far! This holiday season Kayla, our fitness blogger, vacationed to Prague to visit her grandmother. We have been getting updates about how beautiful it is and all the fun she is having. Kayla even bought some Kelapo coconut oil before her trip to let her grandmother try it in recipes. In her suitcase she also packed our coconut oil packets, perfect for traveling! Prague is a beautiful country with so many different things to do! Kayla has been having so much fun seeing snow for the first time! Kayla […]

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Patricia Bannan’s Travel Bites

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, it can be challenging to stick to your healthy eating routine. First, your time is not your own. Your flight is delayed, and you’re stuck in the airport an extra four hours, or longer. Even if you wind up driving, you can’t control traffic conditions. A trip that was supposed to take you less than an hour may wind up taking three times longer, thanks to construction, traffic jams, or just plain bad luck. Business travel has its own challenges. Once you arrive at the destination, you may put in extra hours at […]

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